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Sunday, July 02, 2006
Hi Everyone! We are so grateful for all of the love and support from all of you during this journey. Thanks for helping to make the homecoming celebration so special...the bike parade was SPECTACULAR!...a beautiful show of support! Thank you to everyone who brought food, helped set up and break down! Special thanks to Phyllis, Trish & John, Chris, Richie & Carolyn, Terry & Joe & Meems, Kathleen,Ryan and RonR.,Mr.Art, Jen & Dean, Jim A. Thanks to Rebecca and Quentin for painting "The Ringwood Rock" and for coordinating things down at Little Beach. The decorations were beautiful!Thanks to our kids who helped with preparations and decorations..Carly, Katy, Kaylin, Jenna, JohnCharles, Will & JohnJophes. Thanks to all of Erskine Lakes. You've always been so kind to us. Our Ringwood Police Dept. was awesome to help us out! Mayor Atlas, we thank you, as well for your show of support. Thanks to "The Road Crew"...Laura, Ryan, John, Louie and Jim for biking in and our Motorcycle Support, Jim, John and Wendy (Dubs). I don't want to leave anyone out who helped us...

Many thanks to all! Love, Mare!

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