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Sunday, July 02, 2006

You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. As the MasterCard commercials state….PRICELESS! Our HEROES (Don, Gene & Jason) arrived in Hackensack and were greeted with long-awaited and well-deserved HUGS & KISSES from their families. One last trek to make but they would not go this leg alone. They were now supported by other avid cyclists and friends for the journey home to Ringwood where a HEROES WELCOME awaited. There was a small sign that even Claire, our little angel, was with us and watching as a ladybug landed on the shoulder of one of the greeters in Hackensack. Don had told us of the numerous ladybug sightings during their cross-country ride.

The riders mounted their bicycles and departed for Ringwood. It was a smooth trip with the only downside (other than Skyline Drive) was the fact that out of about 20 traffic signals we caught 19 RED LIGHTS. The pace of the trek home to Ringwood was incredible. It seemed like only seconds to the top of Skyline Drive which I have to declare these guys took like real champions and they made it look effortless.

We reached the summit of Skyline Drive and were met by Ringwood’s Finest who would escort our heroes on the final leg of the journey. The HEROES approached Little Beach to be met by parents, friends and children with colorfully decorated bicycles and helmets. Now as a community we could properly WELCOME HOME our HEROES and escort them to Claire’s Memory Garden. The “Bicycle Parade” was just AWESOME if you were there to witness it.

The HEROES and the entire community arrived at Claire’s Memory Garden at Upper Lake. Believe it or not there were several more lady bug sightings. A sign that our Little Angel, Claire, was there with us. Now with all the families and community there we released the Red and Yellow Balloons not only in memory of Claire but in celebration of her and how she has affected so many in such a positive way. There really is no way to describe it.

Finally, a chance to take a breath, sit back and meet with our HEROES in a well deserved little community block party. All in the name of CLAIRE’S RIDE FOR A REASON and RAISING AWARENESS to SUDC.

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