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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Some thoughts from Gene on the final leg of Claire's Ride for a Reason.

Wow what a day rolling out of Stroudsburg, PA this morning and heading fastfor the gap cannot wait to get home. Donnie rode the last miles togethertoday and all we kept saying is it’s almost over and we couldn’t believe we did it. It was a great day as usual, unseasonably cool which was great for bicycling. As we traversed the NJ and crossed over into all different parts we got very emotional and were screaming all the way. Getting back to pedaling we had lady bugs guiding us home. Things were happening along the way and just then and I wont go into too much detail but all I can say is I was un-consolably emotionally about the experience and I could not stop the tears because this was the end of our journey which ironically I did not want it to end, something about the finality of it all. It just hit us real hard. The entire effort and exactly what we did this for and there was a time when we were wondering if it was worth it. We never should have second guess ourselves. We see based on all of the support we have received and gracious comments that we are making a difference and now I’m happy that I was able to be there for you Donnie!!

We are going to ride as far as we can this morning. We did not speak for a short time we just wanted to get home, get to Hackensack University Medical Center for a few pictures and then down to meet our families and fellow riders in Foschini Park for a few pics. Finally, we could finish our journey with a short ride to Ringwood.
Wow! We are here and Tracey and kids never looked so great. I missed them terribly, so much so you could not imagine. Maybe you could imagine, 17 days away from them…..never again!! My next ride will be a little shorter and if it’s cross country then they are all coming with me!

It was great to see everyone there. Laurah Crandall…We did it! Great to see you there. I remember the first I left you a message and told you what I wanted to do. Well it’s done! I’m locked in for this ride annually for sure.
We started our trek home and it was allot of fun. Our roadie, Jason, now relinquishing his support vehicle and mounting bicycle for the final leg. Also, John Burke, I cannot say enough…you got us home from Hackensack without a hitch. Just talkling and riding switching positions and and joking all the way. Way to go Johnny Cakes!!
To the foot of Skyline Drive…Who’s Idea was that??!! Oh yeah, Donnie and I came up with that one. We strapped in, buckled up and started our climb which turned out to be blast. Nothing like the past times I’ve climbed it. I guess we were finally in shape!!! To the top we go and what made it even easier were the signs on Skyline Drive, we loved them. At the top to be met by a police escort for the final descent down Skyline Drive. Donnie and I put the hammer down and flew as if our wheels/tires never really touched the blacktop. As we approached Erskine Road we just looked over at each other and realized we did it and then we summed up our thoughts about what impressed us about each other along the way as we climbed into our Erskine neighborhood/home. We summed up the ride in the last quarter mile. I could never imagine all the faceswhen we came around the bend at Lil’ Beach. All the decorations, the kids and all our friends, cycling companions and best buds. What a homecoming. All the cheers and excitement I did not know what to do or say. The attention to us was just overwhelming. I can only say I cannot tell you the appreciation I feel for everyone. The parade of bikes was one more awesome thing to add to the day and the journey. To ride with my son Dakoda and see how hard he workd on decorating his bicycle was, well what can I say, the best ending.
Down to Claire’s Garden for the official greeting with all our friends and families was spectacular. To see one friend after another and the happiness in the air is while I will always and I mean always be proud to call Erskine Lakes my home.
With the block party to follow I have to say Thank You to everyone one more time. It was something special and a great time to catch up. I feel likeI did not spend enough time with everyone. In some ways I could not fathom that I was home.
I am going to depart the blog for now but I will be back with more thoughts soon. Thank you all so much again and It’s great to be home!!


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