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Friday, June 30, 2006

DAY 14 - Burnham, PA to Stroudsburg, PA
Gene's Thoughts and Comments of June 30th part of ride:
Hey everyone we are almost there. Pulling out of the hotel early today. We can’t wait to get home. Still trying to figure our way home. It seemed to change dally because of all the water damage and flooding around here. Today seemed to be smooth sailing. We had our mileage figured and the terrain was much nicer than yesterday with wide winding roads through the Amish country. People drive a little crazy around here probably vacationers from Jersey.
Had one detour and I had to take a bridge that was out of the way but it was not a problem just kept pedaling. Every stroke of the pedal brings us closer to home and we cannot wait to see everyone. I really miss my family and I cannot believe I’ve been away from them so long so I’ll make it short today and say we are all safe and strong. We are stronger in allot of ways even more than before we started. I wouldn’t say we’ve been through hell or anything but there were times it was really difficult, but in some way you all helped us through. Thank you for that. We are in Stroudsburg tonight and eating Country Cooking at a buffet style dinner.
It’s been my pleasure getting to see the country with Donnie and Jason and as much as I do not want to ride my bike for a wile I am going to miss you guys.

Thoughts & Comments from Gene & Don on their ride of June 29th - DAY 13
Well we woke up to a brand new flat tire on my bike waiting for me today. I cannot believe this but who is counting. I decided it was time to change the tire tube and tape but I would probably would be fired from my job at pedal sports cause I mounted the tire backwards !!@#&%***?? It’s gonna stay that way for now and I am on the road at last. Donnie is not comfortable out there today. A lot of construction along the way with big rigs tearing up the roads. My stage was a little more forgiving for the moment but I also encountered some of the worst conditions on the trip so far. I needed a bmx stunt bike to get through this stuff. Jason wanted to pick me up and drive me through it but I rode it out. Bumps, rocks, glass you name it I rode through it and guess what no flat tire. But we had just about everything thrown at us all today including rain. Everything is flooded around here. How the heck are we going to get out of here. Jason rode a few miles today and roughed it through the rain storms also. We have a big day tomorrow some miles to make up and a little climbing again but we are energized and ready to come home.

Donnie: 44.6 mph in a 40 mph construction zone, out running trucks just to survive....this was not my vision of a cross country tour...this is survival of the fittest or dumbest...anyway, thank God we are nested in Burnham, PA safe and sound...Genesee Cream Ale also.
We head into the heart of the Appalachian Mts. tomorrow, into Stroudsburg,Pa and the mighty Delaware river. Yea, we crossed the Colorado River, Arkansas River (dry), then the Missisippi, the Wabash and then yesterday the Ohio River into Wheeling WV. Friday, we cross the swollen Susquahanna, and Saturday morning, the Deleware! See you all soon.
Don T.
Thursday, June 29, 2006

DAY 13 - Pittsburgh, PA to Lewistown, PA
Gene's Thoughts and Comments from June 28th Ride (Ohio to Pittsburgh, PA):

Hey everyone just wrapping another day up sitting here eating a couple of YORK PEPPERMINT PATTIES America’s favorite snack. Just got in from an excellent sushi dinner in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. Had a great time as usual. We are doing fine today but it was a challenging day as usual.
Had to change our route it was bringing us too far south so in turn we have no idea where the heck we are going!! During Donnie’s stage I simultaneously started my stage and went 20 miles the wrong way. In turn Jason had to find and retrieve me leaving poor Donnie pedaling 60 miles with no break and then Jason got to hear the dogs barking again!!?? I managed to drive directly into the storm so I was completely soaked. No, normally I would invite the rain soaking (We know how much everyone home loves the rain right now)HA HA but when it takes you out of the way so far it made a bad situation worse. Anyway we managed to get through that rut as usual and let each other know that it wasn’t anybody’s fault. We got back on track and I went in the saddle for the next stage. Turned out to be a great day I had to stop and change my shoes OH NO!!! Yes, back to the yellow shoes…visions of flying water bottles. Where is Koenig, Buisa and Meekem.
Donnie got into a nice pace and Jason was working overtime keeping track of two riders wandering aimlessly in the hills of West Virginia and PA.
I had a lot of climbing but not too challenging. Donnie had a few climbs as well but he said had some killer down hills, NICE! Then the greatest thing happened???, I got another flat tire. This is awesome I've had 4 so far Donnie 0, what’s up with that?? I am now a certified bicycle technician and can work at Pedal Sports now as I’m becoming a pro at changing tires. During my time changing my tire I heard from John Burke. Always great to hear from you. He gave me some updates returned a few to him and just like that just hearing from him just put a little extra drive in your heart and motivation! We know you’re all pulling for and thinking about us and hearing from you all whether in e-mails, guest book, or phone always picks us up. See you Saturday John, the webmaster, look forward to hanging with you and everyone else.
We managed to out run the rain for now. Although it is raining now I don’t mind as long as I can find my way back home. Miss you all and thanks again for all the support.

Dave, from Jamis, just wanted to thank you for all your support from the bike donation at comedy night and the beautiful bike that Donnie has been riding. tires etc. What can I say we haven’t known each other long and you put together a great package from Jamis Cycles for us and I cannot thank you enough and believe me Donnie was speechless and taken back by your efforts and generosity towards this ride Thank you!!

This has been a life changing experience for me on so many levels but most of all the amount of awareness which we will be posting is amazing. I cannot believe what I am hearing and this is what I had set out to do from the day of the dedication of Claire’s Garden. I had no Idea what SUDC was but we all do now. To all the families out there this is for you it’s been my pleasure!!
Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just off the wires from the road....
We got caught in the rain, Ohio style....snuck up on us from behind. For the record, we are now officially off the RAAM Race Across America Route, it was going to go to far south into WV and Maryland. So, we left London, OH and following 40E, the historic National Highway, to the Pittsburgh area today. We will cross into Wild, Wonderful, Wheeling West Virginia, briefly this afternoon, then in to PA. Thursday, from Pitts to Lewistown, PA and Friday into Stroudsburg, PA after passing through the Lehigh Valley, Jim Thorpe, PA. We will cross the Allegany Mts. and then the Appalacian Mts. into the Deleware Gap.
Saturday of course, we head into Hackensack. Rain delay is almost over here. First real rain delay since going into Dodge.We are good, testing each others metal a bit, but, not killing each other yet. Thank you goes out to all at home for lookin out. And know that here, we are thankful for Jason our good spirited navigator, communications expert. Thanks.

Don T.
Some comments and reflections of June 27th by Gene:

Wow what a day! We were like two well oiled machines today. Not too windy and abundance of nice country to look at. Jason and I met up with Donnie and had to make sure he stayed on course due to numerous and frequent turns in this leg of the trip from Indiana to Ohio. Donnie makes up cheat sheets/crypt notes (like the ones we used for tests in high school) for us to carry so we do not get lost. Not too much laboring today Donnie looks great. Our Morale is picking up again I guess everyone is looking forward to getting home, especially the closer we get.
I felt great today, finally recovered. Maybe it was my conversation with Dakoda last night energized me. You give me strength buddy and I miss you all day long. Daddy will be home real soon. Hayden didn't think I would be able to survive without you guys so long. Ohio is a nice state I reached the line about 11:30 am very busy area but plenty of room for cyclists. Going through a bunch of different areas from city like to country like to city like again. Some of the towns are quaint little towns with populations of about 500. Just made for an interesting day. Really so nice that I felt like I could have gone straight to NJ. The miles came off real fast and easy.
For the first time during the ride we actually had some time to reflect on the day. We stoppled and found a great buffet dinner place with all kinds of great stuff for recovering cyclists. We are not forgetting any one on this endeavor you are all in our hearts. Sometimes your thought patterns change and you review everything that has taken place and how you actually got to this point and you realize you would not be here without the help and support of others.
Laura Barry and Julie at SUDC I told you it would come together. Thank you for your words of encouragement and it is great to hear from you. Everyone at the CJ Foundation for SIDS could not have done any of this without your support. I will always be a part of raising awareness for you!
To all the families of Erskine Lakes, who have helped in every way possible, I am proud to be a part of that great community and consider you family.
Well it is off to the races now. We will be rolling through Ohio to Pennsylvania today getting close now but the last few miles will still be challenging. Please get as many riders together for the trek back to Ringwood. We would love the company and please please send more of your thoughts it carries us through the day even if you want to just say HI! The more the better, we love it. See you all soon Gene, Don, and Jason.

Newsflash....This just in the guys responsible for hitting Gene with a water bottle in Missouri indicates the Driver had striking resemblance to Art Garfunkle. The passenger looked a lot like Chris Meekem AKA Larry Buisa. See ya soon guys we miss ya!!

DAY 12 - London, Ohio to Clarksburg, West Virginia: Weather could be touch and go today. Forecast calls for rain and thunderstorms with temps ranging from 60 to 80 degrees. Fortunately, we haven't hit any rain even when the forecast predicted it. Considering making some modifications to our travel plans to take a more direct route home(doesn't make sense to go south further away from home and then head north) but we will keep you posted.
Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Update-----Riders have landed in London, Ohio as of 8:30 p.m. 6/27

Gene Reflects on ride of Monday, June 26th:
Another bad day at the office, just did not feel good today. Donnie was first in the saddle as we went from Illinois to Indiana. Jason and I set out for supplies and stuff for the days riding.
Then we got lost for about an hour. Not good. We finally caught up with Donnie and got him refueled him and then rode ahead for my stage.
The way we generally run the days is Donnie or I set out first on the bike and Jason and the Support Vehicle ride ahead 25 to 50 miles and drop the next rider and then we repeat the process with only a lunch break and the rest of the eating is done on the bike and sometimes lunch on the bike if time is short. This is how we cover the miles needed during the day rather than riding through the night. So if anyone was wondering, thats how we have been operating. Today for me was a lite recovery day as Glenn would call it. I just kept spinning and the miles kept comming off but not as fast as I would have liked. It worked in the long run for the day ended pretty good. There was not much to look at in this state and we are looking forward to Ohio and Pennsylvania where we will be back to climbing. Jason is a key player in thes ride without his efforts i dont think this would be possible. Sometimes he takes a lot of abuse from us. He especially got it when we were battling the throught he horrific Kansas Tornado like winds.
After taken a beating from the Kansas winds we moved onto Missouri and dealt with 2 to 300 ft. rollers, one right after the other. Are legs were screaming at the end of those rollers. It makes it a little harder to get going each day after a good solid day of lactic acid build up in the legs, but we are moving forward all the time. We are looking so forward to getting home but we forge ahead because we know our mission or better yet REASON... Please remember those who have lost to SUDC and tell someone else about SUDC.
Rolling into Indianna now. We stopped for photos at Indiana University, Donnies graduate school, and then we set out for Ballyhoo. This was one of Donnies favorite places to hang back in the day. We sat down for a good dinner there which meant a lot to Donnie and in all we had a great time.
In other news I had an awesome conversation with my son Dakoda, age 6 this evening. He was asking me all kinds of questions. I really miss him. Hayden even showed that he is never at a loss for words either, even at 2 1/2. XXOO to both of you. Tracey I miss you. They are Hanging with my friends Brian and Carra Carney (thanks to you both for all the inspirational calls I can't tell you how much the mean) Carissa, thank you for the great hug. I took that to San Diego and it will carry me back to NJ. Brando, Dakodas best buddy and Kyla I miss you all. To Maryann, Carly and Katy I miss you guys too and we will be home soon. Don't worry Jason and I are taking care of your Daddy but you already knew that...he is a strong man!

I'd like to give everyone a big THANK YOU for all your thoughts and comments on the Guest Book part of the website. Your words are nothing short of truly inspirational the way you communicate to us. We read it every day so keep sending those messages. John Cimmonds we are inspired and can't wait to ride with from Hackensack to Ringwood on Saturday. Thanks again for a great job as MC at comedy night.
Finally, Miss you Mom And Dad and we look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.


Weather doesn't look promising for next couple of days. Looks like 60 to 80 degrees with Rain and Thunderstorms. Let's hope not. Hey, you can see NJ now on map...almost home!
Get ready for Homecoming. Anyone interested in riding from Hackensack to Ringwood (25 miles...experienced riders and/or adults only)contact the Webmaster via email at webmaster@clairesride.org as soon as possible. We need to finalize some details with that aspect of our Homecoming Day. Thanks.
Monday, June 26, 2006

DAY 10 - Alton, Illinois to Indianapolis, Indiana

****More Pics to come so please check back later today. Remember to double click on any photo here in the blog to view a larger version.****

The following thoughts are from Gene on his accounts from June 23rd to June 25th

June 23:
Rolling out of Dodge now. Wow you can get filet mignon for $15.00 Porterhouse for $17.00 Dinner was good last night but I was expecting a little more of a classic western town. Wyatt Earp stuff to be a little more preserved. They had some cool stuff but not too much historic stuff. Donnie rode out of Dodge first today and left Jason and I to pick up supplies and see some stuff along the way. Great place to get Dakoda and Hayden gifts for home.

Had to check over the bike after it practically got ripped off the truck after the old Kansas storm. Into the Kansas plains and WOW nothing here but flat grassy land and a lot of wind. The wind is so strong picture sticking your head out of your car window for 4 hrs its pretty stressfull. Starting to get back to civilization as we are on to Missouri. Made a wrong turn today but sent us on some real secluded back roads today so Donnie took the jerseys off soaked up some sun for the last 20 miles. We figured we were safe here until this rabid dog like the one from toy story tried to get me. It’s pretty funny after the fact but I had to pedal fast to get away. Tonight we rolled into Yates Center, Kansas. We are tired but ready to get into the next state. Talk to you tomorrow.

June 24th:
Rolling out or Yates Center, KS and moving onto Missouri. I will be in the saddle first today needed to change a tube as I ended the day with another flat. Good time to adjust and clean the bike. On the road seeing first signs of life after first 25 miles. That ended quickly though. Back out riding the plains and battling the wind only its much hotter or humid as the climate is changing. Roller coaster hills makes for a tough ride but the further we go things seem to be getting greener and less flat. I’m really tired today everything is cramping up. We found our first body of water since San Diego at the end of todays ride. It’s really hot and we are really hurting but Jefferson City is a great city and a lot like home with lots of people. Found a great pasta place and looking forward to resting tonight. The woman at super 8 in Jefferson City comped the room for us today and also offered to take care of our laundry that was really nice of her. Thank You!

Son enjoy the pictures be sure to send us your comments in the guest book we love hearing from you!!

Sunday June 25th:
How is everyone doing?? Pretty good here. Well I had my first official bad day. Thae Kansas wind and Missouri rollers took a toll on the body yesterday. Cramping hands and legs and other body parts, not a good feeling.
Got off to a slow start when I got in the saddle. I went straight to climbing not good for recovery. Not only physically but mentally unprepared for the day and had other things on my mind. It’s amazing how something simple like riding a bike if your not up to it can be so hard. I just wanted to stop but I did not. This part of the country is beautiful totally different from Kansas. Landscape, trees, mountains, water, green grass, long flats and rolling hills, it has it all.
It was one of those days. We were rebel cyclists riding without a jersey today. Just could not get into the groove. Then to top it all off I get beaned for no reason with a bottle of water from some passing motorist. I tried to contact Donnie and Jason to get the guys but they both had their phones on vibrate. Probably the worst state so far for cycling. Got run off the road twice yesterday and hit with a bottle today. Never mind get out of dodge get out of Missouri... Donnie said the guy hit me because of my yellow shoes I guess that could be a good reason? By the way it was a black mustang. Where was Chris Koenig on Sunday??
Well, that got me going any way and jumped started me with a little adrenaline and I was able to finish the days milage required. The last 15 priceless miles Jason joined me and we went back to rebel cyclists bandanas and guinea tees. A real mess but we were relaxed going over the Mississipi River, Whew! we did it. I ended up with a nice dinner and watched Donnie clear his plate as if it came fresh from the dish washer!
Sorry to bore you with my bad day but I guess every day can’t be great. It was honestly the most physically and emotionally draining start. I really felt like racking the bike. I didn’t though and when the day ended I realized as hard as it was it was worth every moment. Remembering all the those affected by SUDC and what our REASON is brings me right back. I’m glad I did not give up the day they are too priceless to let go to waste, even if you feel broken down there is always a way to turn it around. I miss everyone Home!! I miss my family I’ll be home soon Gene
Sunday, June 25, 2006

DAY 9 - Jefferson City, Missouri to Alton, Illinois.

Perspectives from Don (from Friday and Saturday Day 7 & 8):
"Friday, 200 miles of head winds. I was sitting on the side of the road, across from this gigantic display of metal pinwheels with all kinds of sayings, waiting for Gene and Jason to catch up to me for a refill of water...they blow right past me! Probably looking at the pinwheel display on the other side of the road. I run into the middle of the road, behind them, waving my hands, and thank God, I saw break lights, and they turned around. Then, they blew past me again and parked, in fornt of the display. Jason is out there taking pictures and i am watching him..."Hey Jason"...He looks around and spots me, "Yo, where did you come from?" "You guys suck!" They past me TWICE! They only turned around to get pictures, they never actually saw me. I guess from here on in, if I crash on the side of the road, I will have to crawl into the middle of the road to be sure I am picked up!

Later in the day as we left the main US 54 for some welcomed back road cycling, me and gene are side by side, (an unusual sight since we are playing relay most of the time)....we get ATTACKED by freakin "Kujo"! ...This dog came out of no where and ran us down for 100 yards, and was gaining on us! Jason missed it with camera...he was laughing too hard!

Saturday, 200 miles again today between us, head winds diminished a bit, but, a lot of "rollers". Thats short up hill, down hills, up, down.....all day. A bunch of road was either milled and bumpy or absolutely no shoulder! A lot of angry drivers going around us today. Gene was talking to his mom today and explained our day as like "...hanging your head out the car window for 5 straight hours..." ah, the great outdoors. At least the weather is good, 80s, mostly sunny, and a mild breeze. Finally, a large body of water, the 1st one since San Diego. Its the Lake of the Ozarks. Picture Lake George with out the mountains. We ate dinner in this lake area italian resturant. Jason asked for "gnocci pasta", the server had to find the manager to find out what it is, no gnocci. Geno the italiano expert sent his linguine and clam sauce back, "uneatable..." Of course, I ate it, all of it! big surprise right.

Ok, off to Illinois tomorrow.
Peace out, Don, Gene, Jason///
Saturday, June 24, 2006
Some pics we took along the way...enjoy!

DAY 8 - Today we ride from Yates Center, Kansas to Jefferson City, Missouri. Almost to St. Louis. Weather Temps should hold between 63 to 83 degrees. Just a little windy here. Let's hope the wind is behind us.
Friday, June 23, 2006
Some Pictures and the thoughts of Gene:

-Got in real late last night off of the mountain…well into the night. Donnie took over the riding this morning and we had to detour to New Mexico to go around the wildfires... Donnie powered down into New Mexico and the winds were high but he motored through. Up and down rollers is very hard sometimes the distance is harder than a long climb. Jason and I moved ahead for my stage Red River to Angelfire to Bobcat pass another pass??!! We saw the huge mountain range and my legs were still rubbery from Wolf Creek Pass yesterday.
Well I had gotten under way and Jason prepped me with all my needs but what good is all the prep if you forget it. As Jason motored away to meet with Donnie I began my climb I reached for a water bottle and they weren’t there oh!!??? I had to go on and with no phone service. A few miles up about 10 a.m. or so I came across a power plant where the guys were eating lunch. One of the guys gave me a water bottle and I was under way a little less dehydrated but just a little thirsty when Jason and Donnie showed up. I refueled and we came across a town which was beautiful and right in the middle of the mountains perfectly flat for about 2 miles with 3,000 ft mountains all around. Just spectacular!!! I started up the hill which became steep really fast. The road was rough with small round pea gravel everywhere…just perfect for cycling!!!???? There were some other areas which were better but overall a mess. It caused me to dig a little deeper on this climb but sometimes you can loose the pain when you think of something great. I miss my family I wish they could see what these eyes are seeing. As Donnie and Jason arrived 3,000 ft of climbing was coming to a conclusion…this one is for Claire!!
Thank you Glenn, my coach, who taught me everything about cycling in just a short time.

One good thing about climbing a huge mountain pass is the ride down. I started my decent into the valley. My speed I could not believe…60.4mph to be exact…look mom no hands! I rode down to the bottom and into the valley. Mountains, fields, horses, cows, prairie dogs, etc. you name it it’s here…even buffalo. Jason got a kick out that. Donnie started his next stage and man what a ride. He had winding hills and rollers and smiling from ear to ear. It’s getting late we said just 10 miles more. He was havng a blast as we all were this was probably the coolest day so far. We miss every one and all who have helped us so far your all in our thoughts throughout the day.
To Glenn Stoll of Highlands Health and Fitness, THANK YOU for everything. From the first day I asked for your help you have forwarned me of al the things we would encounter. You helped me prepare for the suffering in the desert and the speeds of the down hill. Such as going from 110 degrees to 45degrees in a few hrs. Those kinds of extremes take a toll on the body but you prepped me and coached me to be able to adjust and battle through. You reminded me of my limits, my strengths and my weaknesses all the while prepping me mentally for the very days we are experiencing. You are the best THANK YOU for all that you’ve done including dissecting the route and always having time for a quick chat. I’ll talk to you soon

DAY 7 - Dodge City, Kanasas to Yates Center, Kansas. We should be covering about 246 miles today under Sunny skies with temps ranging from 63 to 83 degrees. Better than half way home. See ya all soon! Don, Gene & Jason.
Thursday, June 22, 2006

DAY 6 - Trinidad, Colorado to Dodge City, KS Thursday, 6/22, left the rockies behind in Trinadad Colorado, and pedaled into the Comanche Great Grasslands...200 miles of nothing but brown, blonde, sage colored grasses and grain and grazing cattle...future beef patties and steaks for our grills back in Jersey.
We blew into Kansas today, Literally! The head winds all day were tough, but, then we drove the support vehicle into the eye of a big Kansas style rain cloud....70 mile per hour winds, sideway rain, and wow, gene's big ends up on it's side hangin off the roof! Wait to you see the video. Be get of out of Dodge tomorrow, 200 miles of the same. What a difference a few hundred miles makes, the southern rockies thru colorado and the northern part of new mexico were absolutely cool, really nice passes thru the mountains, spings, supper tall pines and winding down hills!

Now in the Central time zone, see you all soon. Don , Gene, Jason (Claires Ride Team)
Wednesday, June 21, 2006
The following are some of Gene's reflections of his trip so far: "Hey everyone had another crazy day extreme temperature changes and steep hills/mountains. Skyline Drive is nothing compared to what we are experiencing. From Pogosa Springs, Colorado Donnie and I rode together towards the Continental Divide (elevation 10,857 ft). I could not believe all the wildlife along the way, elk and the occasional deer buck looking over saying what the heck are you doing on my mountain. We had to dig real deep to get over this one picture probably the steepest hill you have ever gone over winding around canyons and multiply it by ten. As we ascended two miles up the temperature had dropped from 96 degrees to 45 degrees at the top. There was even remaining snow from god knows when, absolutely breathtaking. Not like we had much air in our lungs at the time we were climbing. Just grabbing hold of the water bottle was a chore. But we did it. Reached the summit at about 8pm when I put on some cold weather gear and descended into the darkness. Lots of speed and lots of cold while I as descending down into Alamosa, Colorado. Unfortunately, we had to drive a few miles because of time and darkness (got in close to midnight). Once Safe in Alamoso, CO we began plotting our course to Trinidad which has already thrown us a curve due to a large wild fire. We'll probably have to detour through New Mexico. Talk to you soon. Gene"
THIS JUST IN - Great pictures of a great place, the continental divide, wolf creek pass, 10K feet, Colorado.

Don Tomaszewski
Pivo for good health, mind, spirit---Nastrovia!

DAY 5 - Yo, we are in Alamosa Co, I passed through the nicest place on earth today..Wolf Creek Pass, atop the continental divide. If any of you really know me.....the pine trees scent was absolutely intense. The longest, steepest climb for us in the rockies was late yesterday afternoon and wow! 23 miles up hill to 10,857feet. Then Gene did a komacosi down hill...with lights! Heading to Trinidad today, but, there is a massive forest fire and La Verde Pass is closed, no thru traffic, so we are planning an alternate route to Trinidad. We hope to hear back from a Reporter from NBC Denver reference a story on us....hope it comes thru...thats why we are out here.

Love to all,
Hi KATY Girl, Hi My CARLY barley, and Mare, thanks for being you!

Don T.


Comments from Gene on various happenings since Day 1. "What a great start to the day we had a nice event kick off and got under way around 12:oo pm we rode together for the first 20 miles or so then Donnie tackled around 4700 ft of climbing unbelieveable strength,which the temps were ranging 89 degrees. I then took over I continued to climb out of the San Diego region to the summit where I had to descend down into the desert. Its was amazing flying through the canyons and mountains speeds topping 49.5mph with thw cross winds trying to push me off the mountain. as I descended into the valley temps rose to 106 within 1/2 hr. This is where I encountered flat rough roads and just nasty desert conditions. I ended the day in the darkness near a giant hay and straw farm and for the life of me I cannot describe the smell if I tried and on top of that I got a flat tire. I couldn't eat for two hours after that due to whatever that smell was. But Jason and Donnie started with the cold soaking towels to keep me cool. We are getting into the groove and Jason is on top of things and when we are delirious he is so supportive that we couldn't be doing this without him."
Tuesday, June 20, 2006
-As we continue on our journey we ask everyone to remember our REASON for this endeavor. First and foremost is to keep in our thoughts, prayers and hearts all of those children and their families affected by SUDC. Additionally, we hope our efforts will raise the awareness necessary to support the SUDC Organization in providing a centralized resource for information, support and advocacy.

-We had hoped to have some photos and videos up on the website by now but internet access in the area has been scarce. As soon as we get a good connection we will have some awesome things for you to see. Keep coming back!

Gene & Don
(and let's not forget our driver and support staff...Jason)

DAY 4 - Today we leave the "4 Corners" of the United States and ride from Cortez, Colorado to Alamosa, Colorado. Temperatures remain constant between 55 to 88 degrees for your range for the day. More importantly no precipitation.
Monday, June 19, 2006

DAY 3 - Today looks like a comfortable day weather-wise. Leaving Williams, AZ for Cortez, CO where the temperatures should be between 55 & 90 degrees.
Sunday, June 18, 2006
DAY 2 (8 a.m. PST) - This just in...about 11 a.m. eastern (8 a.m. PST) Don and Gene crossed over the Colorado River and are in Arizona...they're seeing Geckos all over the road. Guys also experienced a 40 degree change in temperature from the high point in the Rocky Mountains where it was approximately 60 degrees and when they reached the bottom it was near 100 degrees. They report they are doing fine and will be sending photos as soon as they can.

DAY 2 -
Good Morning Everyone! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

We are waking up to 90 degree temperatures here in Blythe, CA. The high temps in Blythe are expected to hit 110 degrees. Fortunately, it will be a bit normal where we are going to today. Williams, AZ is topping out at 85 degrees. So if you look at map to the left we will be going from B to C today. Click Image to View Larger version.
Saturday, June 17, 2006
Anyone interested in joining the Homecoming Ride (bicycle ride) from Foschini Park in Hackensack to Claire's Garden in Ringwood please email the webmaster ( webmaster@clairesride.org ) by Sunday, June 25th.

Just a little note from those awaiting your arrival home.

DAY 1: START DAY - San Diego, CA to Blythe, CA: Well the weather here in San Diego is great. Temps are between 64 to 74 degrees. The expected temps at our 1st destination in Blythe, CA are to be somewhere near 108 degrees. Oh Boy! What were we thinking! Not to worry though we are psyched and ready to rock and roll. Keep coming back to hear and see about our journey. Thanks for your support. GENE & DON

Well start time for our journey is almost upon us. It is kickoff day! Here is our tentative itinerary for the ride. Keep coming back to the Claire's Ride for a Reason Blog to track our progress and thoughts during our ride. You can view maps/locations in the maps below. See a larger image by double clicking on the map you wish to view. GENE & DON

Ride Schedule:
6/15-6/16 Mission Bay, California
6/17 Blyth, California
6/18 Williams, Arizona
6/19 Cortez, Colorado
6/20 Alamosa, Colorado
6/21 Trinidad, Colorado
6/22 Dodge City, Kansas
6/23 Yates Center, Kansas
6/24 St Louis, Missouri
6/25 Alton, Illinois
6/26 Indianapolis, Indiana
6/27 London, Ohio
6/28 Clarksburg, West Virginia
6/29 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
6/30 Sommerville, New Jesey
7/1 Hackensack, New Jersey
Friday, June 16, 2006
Well by the time most of you will read this we will have landed on the West Coast. Just a few short hours and we will be beginning our trek eastward. Our webmaster will hopefully have listed where we will be stopping and passing through during our ride. If you have family or friends in the areas we are passing have them keep an eye out as well as spread the word. In doing so we will be accomplishing our mission of RAISING AWARENESS to SUDC. Thank you all for your support and stay tuned as updates of our trip will be continually posted on this blog and on our website. - Gene & Don
Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Start time is almost here. We are getting ready and loading up 0n the carbs. Keep track of our journey by coming back here to this blog to see where we are and how we are doing. Your support is what keeps us going more than anything else. Check back often. - Gene and Don
Welcome to the Claire's Ride Blog. We will be giving you our personal perspectives during our ride as well as photos and other information. When Viewing the Blog, Double Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.

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